• No booking fee and credit card surcharge

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  • What you see is what you pay. No hidden fees

Suppliers and Business Purchasers

Why choose us?

This platform allows tourist companies to set up a holiday package to promote to local inbound tour operators, overseas travel agents and consumers. Suppliers are able to sell their product individually, or with the company’s network we can help establish such packages. Additionally, business purchasers can buy multi-packages through our platform.

We allow you to make regular bookings and itinerary amendments. However, what really defines us, is our potential to expand your company on a global scale. We allow you to overcome language barriers by offering multi-language services. We satisfy your individual needs, by maximising saving, with minimum time spent negotiating with business purchasers.

  • Save labour cost (marketing, operations and accounting)

  • Real time booking for any travel element including specific time slots, allotment and pricing

  • Individual product booking policy (Free of charge for tour guides and tour leaders, cut-off day, cancellation policy)

  • Payment methods (online payment gateway service, business credit facility, direct bank deposit)

  • Booking and inventory report

  • Client information record (individual and group booking details)

  • Daily Transaction report

  • Company staff management

  • Multi-language services

Why choose us?

Our professional team offers high quality packages that not only involve accommodations, but also a wide variety that ranges from attractions, restaurants and shopping.

  • Visible real time product availability

  • Direct booking system

  • No booking fee and credit card surcharge

  • Multi-language services

  • Online immediate payment methods.

  • Reserved booking until payment cut-off date